Kym Gordon Moore has over 30 years of combined writing and public speaking experience in marketing,

With over four decades of combined writing and public speaking experience in marketing communications, community service, workshop facilitating, special event coordination and public relations, Kym Gordon Moore believes in educating and education. "We learn from each other by building bridges of dialogue, and actually listening to each other's stories so that we are able to comprehend individual journeys thereby increasing our ability to exhort each other exponentially," Kym notes. 

As a writer and educational advocate, she wants her oral and written words to resonate with positivity, inspiration, empowerment, and creativity with actionable results. It is important to relay hope, and goodwill in a functional, sincere and innovative way. She holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing.

Kym’s objective is to foster greater awareness in the fight against illiteracy and aliteracy, by introducing elements of poetic diversity and education among children and adults. She mentors young and aspiring poets by identifying commonalities in their personal stories while exposing them to diverse opportunities that transform their experiences into creative development.